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The University and the Small Rural School: Partners in In-Service


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Education Majors; Educational Experiments; Experiential Learning; Extension Education; Field Experience Programs; Graduate Students; Higher Education; Inservice Teacher Education; Models; Preservice Teacher Education; Professors; Rural Education; Rural Schools; School Community Relationship; Secondary Education; Small Schools; Staff Development; Teacher Education; Undergraduate Students; Iowa


A two-day exchange between staff of the University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls and the Burt Community School proved successful for all participants. The university team (professors; graduate students; and senior students who had completed student teaching) became responsible for the education of the Burt students while the Burt teachers and administrators met with other university professors for an intensive inservice program concerned with transactional analysis and other people-oriented teaching methods. Twenty-seven Burt families hosted 31 university participants who filled the places of 21 local teachers and 2 administrators. Among the anticipated benefits were the opportunity for Burt students to experience new teachers and teaching techniques; for Burt faculty to improve their human relations skills as teachers; for the Burt community to host a unique educational project; and for the university to put teaching theory into practice and experience first hand the strengths and weaknesses of a small; rural K-12 school. The anticipated benefits of the program were met and exceeded; a survey of Burt students showed 94.5% in favor of another exchange and narrative evaluations by staff were similarly positive. Other groups may want to consider adapting the concepts of the UNI-Burt exchange for use in their own situations. (JH)


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