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Practicum with Four Year Graduated Involvement: A Teacher Education Model


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Affiliated Schools; Education Courses; Education Majors; Field Experience Programs; Higher Education; Laboratory Schools; Practicums; Preservice Teacher Education; Student Teaching; Teacher Education Curriculum


The teacher preparation program at the University of Northern Iowa provides four years of field-based experiences in varying degrees of involvement. Using the University's laboratory school; the University-sponsored daycare and clinic facilities; and local public and private schools; education majors are placed close to the main campus. In the first level of the field experience; the student acquires direct and indirect teaching experience and undertakes observational; interpretational; and Piagetian projects. The second level is designed to provide an understanding of the teacher as change agent in the learning process by increasing the students' time and responsibilities in the classroom and by involving them in the identification of pupil motivations and tutoring needs. Student teaching experience for those specializing in early childhood education is offered one day a week; with a second day devoted to visiting a variety of school settings. During the second level; instruction given the student teachers in programming for handicapped learners leads to supervised classroom experiences. A remedial reading program provides intensive course work in classroom; clinic; and remedial school settings. (FG)


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