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Classroom Techniques; Clinical Experience; Core Curriculum; Curriculum Development


The three lectures comprising this document are introduced with a foreword by Clifford L. Bishop and an introduction by William H. Dreier; both of the Department of Education and Psychology which sponsored the Central State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) seminar on the professional program for undergraduates leading to teacher certification and the B.A. or B.S. degree. The lecture by George W. Denemark presents "A Proposed Common Professional Core for the Preparation of Teachers." He includes discussion of the context for curriculum planning and of the broad range of objectives for teacher education. In his discussion of "Ideal Experiences Needed in the First Course for Undergraduates;" Henry J. Hermanowicz deals with the newer systematic and descriptive studies of teaching; experiments in clinical studies of teaching by prospective teachers; and the emergence of theories of teaching. William E. Drake's "Needed Experiences in the Foundations Professional Sequence Course" includes justification for a social philosophy course and discussion of content necessary to meet the minimum professional standards and classroom activity conducive to quality professional experience. Included are bibliographies; the major comments made at the final panel discussion; and a list of the seminar participants (20 from the host institution and 50 from 25 institutions in 12 different states). (JS)


Department of Education and Psychology

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