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Survey of the Status of Materials Selection Policies in Iowa Public School Districts in 1983 and Comparisons with Status in 1979


Based on a Study Sponsored by State of Iowa Department of Public Instruction and Department of Library Science; University of Northern Iowa


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Board of Education Policy; Censorship; Educational Media; Instructional Materials; Learning Resources Centers; Library Materials; Media Selection; Models; Policy Formation; Questionnaires; School Districts; School Libraries; School Surveys; Iowa


Replicating a 1979 study; a survey of school library media specialists in 440 Iowa school districts was conducted in the spring of 1983 to determine the influence of a model policy published by the Iowa Department of Public Instruction (DPI) on the development; adoption; and provisions of school district policies for the selection of instructional materials. There was a 91% response rate to the survey. It was found that the number of school board adopted policies increased significantly between 1979 and 1983; that the larger school districts were more likely to have a policy; and that there was a substantial amount of activity in formulation of new policies or in updating and revision of existing policies in the 4-year period. Local policy features based on the DPI model policy were found to include policy coverage of all instructional materials (rather than only library materials); detailed selection criteria; and procedures for delegating selection responsibility; reevaluating and withdrawing materials from existing collections; and handling objections to materials. It was concluded that the existence of the DPI model selection policy had an influence on the nature of local policies; but that the model's impact on school board adoption of selection policies was unclear. This report describes survey methodology and findings and presents a sample questionnaire. (ESR)


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