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mTanaaw: A System for Assessment and Analysis of Mental Health with Wearables

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Affective Computing, Wearable Technology

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2024 16th International Conference on COMmunication Systems and NETworkS, COMSNETS 2024

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Researchers commonly develop application specific data collection systems for capturing user data in mental health monitoring studies. Although useful for their study, these systems typically capture specific data and are often not extendable in other studies - a scalability issue. To address this issue, we, in this paper, propose mTanaaw, a wearable and mobile-based data collection system that is capable of collecting sensor data in a plug-and-play manner. We provide detailed design and implementation of the system. We provide design and implementation details of the system. Using mTanaaw, we demonstrate its capabilities of collecting mental health data in a stress detection study. We evaluated the proposed system with five participant's data, which is collected using the data collection module. We present the entire pipeline of mTanaaw with multiple possible changes in configuration of parameters via the system. Overall, we observe that such a system can reduce the burden on researchers. We will make the system available for mental health researchers.


Department of Computer Science

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