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Digital Crowdsourcing and VGI: impact on information quality and business intelligence

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Crowdsourcing, Data quality, OSM, User participation, VGI, Volunteered geographic information

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Spatial Information Research


This paper investigates the impact of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) on data quality and its implications for business intelligence. Focusing on VGI contributions within OpenStreetMap in three distinct urban settings: Tehran, London, and Los Angeles, the study finds that although a minority of users contribute the majority of data, the contributions from a broader user base are critical for integrating local knowledge. The research challenges existing methodologies in assessing VGI quality, which tend to overlook about 10% of data, often rich with local insights. This observation underscores the need for new, more inclusive assessment methods that value both regular and occasional contributions. Additionally, the study delves into the demographic and social factors influencing VGI activities, highlighting their significance in data contribution patterns. The findings are particularly relevant for urban planning, emergency response, and business sectors such as retail, logistics, and real estate, suggesting practical applications. The paper concludes by advocating for further research into comprehensive VGI quality evaluation methods, encompassing a wide range of user contributions.

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