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College School Cooperation; Differentiated Staffs; Higher Education; Inservice Teacher Education; Institutional Cooperation; Master Teachers; Professional Recognition; Program Development


The primary purpose of the Master Teacher Model Training Program was to develop models of university-school collaboration aimed at preparing outstanding inservice teachers in career ladder or similar career structure plans with the knowledge and skills needed to assume new educational responsibilities. The program answered a need to enhance such teachers' skill development and knowledge base for new roles such as supervisors; curriculum developers; and inservice trainers. This paper presents descriptions of the progress of the Program in three institutions--the University of Northern Iowa; Ball State University; and Illinois State University. The descriptions center on three major core components of the model: (1) the planning stage; during which each university worked closely with selected school systems; defining their needs and designing instruction to be delivered in meeting those needs; (2) an intensive training stage; involving university delivery of instructional assistance to meet identified school system needs; and (3) a technical assistance stage; involving participating university personnel in follow-up visitations to the school systems to provide on-site assistance and advice to the personnel having received training. The primary effort was to help school systems meet their needs through working with master or outstanding teachers who would be involved in educational reform efforts in their systems. The teachers selected continued as classroom teachers; but were given released time and/or additional compensation to serve as resource persons trained to assume additional responsibilities within their school systems. (JD)


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