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Evaluation of a Title I Project: Beyond Federal Requirements


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Achievement Gains; Compensatory Education; Elementary Secondary Education; Federal Programs; Opinions; Program Effectiveness; Program Evaluation; Reading Achievement; School Districts; School Personnel; Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I; Stages of Concern Questionnaire


This evaluation study was conducted to determine the impact of the Title I project and its relationship to the district educational program. The achievement gains by grade levels of students who participated in Title I were presented on graphs in normal curve equivalent (NCE) units. The positive impact of the program was illustrated by NCE gains beyond expectations. The achievement maintenance of student participants was measured by the California Achievement Test. The project was most effective in maintaining students close to anticipated achievement when the intervention program began at the second grade level. After two years of participation; the achievement gains began to diminish. The perceptions and concerns of school personnel regarding the project within the district were measured. The project had minimal integration within the total district curriculum and sometimes had generated resentment. The study determined the necessity for school districts to establish a broader base of evaluation information in order to make educationally sound decisions regarding continuance of educational programs. Data to evaluate programs should be collected over content areas; as well as reading tests; over a longer time to enable overall effectiveness to be evaluated. (DWH)


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