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College School Cooperation; Collegiality; Elementary Secondary Education; Field Experience Programs; Higher Education; Participative Decision Making; Preservice Teacher Education; Student Teaching


A description is given of the Regional Partnership Program; a field-responsive; center-specific model established at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) designed to oversee clinical field experiences for student teachers. This cooperative partnership calls for a resident tenure track professor to be placed in a geographic area away from the main campus for the purpose of directing the student teaching program; teaching extension courses and being involved in other activities designed by the university. The model involves six regional districts specifically located across the state in such a fashion as to cause the university to be in touch with all areas of the state. The six regional districts serve as the administrative units for the field program; thus allowing the decision-making process to be more closely aligned to the activities and needs of the field. All partnerships have been developed to allow for the incorporation of a cadre of educational practitioners who participate in the management of the regional center and advise the university on matters related to the total education program. The center-specific component of the UNI partnership program was designed to encourage creativity and to respond to regional needs. Cadre involvement extends beyond clinical field experience activities and cadre members are involved in a variety of teacher education matters. (JD)


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