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Human relations training is a requirement for all teacher education majors graduating from Iowa colleges and universities. At the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) this course is delivered to preservice teacher education students in conjunction with their full semester student teaching experience. Major goals of the training program are: (1) to confront individuals with experiences designed to create an awareness of biases; attitudes; and beliefs and to create awareness of the degree of congruency between stated beliefs and actual behavior; and (2) to internalize and translate such awareness into actions which result in more positive relationships within the teaching/learning environment. In each of UNI's student teaching centers; the course is administered and delivered by a combination of UNI professor; clinical supervisor; and a cadre of practitioners. The course content includes: cooperative learning practices; classroom "ice breakers;" removing bias from the classroom; values/self-esteem; children at risk; perceptions we have (e.g.; race; homosexuality); and the psychology of winning. Each student teacher is required to do at least one action research project. The course meets requirements for teacher licensure in Iowa; allows professional staff to establish a workable rapport with student teachers; offers a vehicle for demonstrating effective teaching practices; gives student teachers the opportunity to make creative contributions to their cooperating teacher's classroom; and proves that human relations are not just theoretical concepts. (LL)


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