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Identification of Tasks in Home Economics Related Occupations: Family and Community Services


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Community Services; Family Problems; Home Health Aides; Home Management


The study of task identification in family and community services presents statistical correlations of task frequencies obtained by questionnaire for the occupations of visiting homemaker or homemaker home/health aide; family planning health aide; counselor on alcoholism; management aide in low-income housing projects; deputy juvenile probation officer aide; and family management service aide. One-way matrices present; for each occupation; tasks arranged vertically in descending order of overall mean frequency of performance. A two-way matrix correlates task information for all six occupations; with occupations arranged horizontally and 16 tasks arranged vertically in descending order of commonality of performance as indicated by overall mean frequency scores. [The most frequently performed tasks for each occupation are briefly summarized.] A three-page bibliography is included together with nine appendixes which provide letters of transmittal; the task checklist questionnaire for each occupation; tables showing age and educational level of the respondents for each occupation and showing the rank; mean; range; standard deviation; variance; and mean frequency for each task in each occupation; questionnaire and tabulated results from a thesis; descriptors used in an ERIC search; alternate job titles; a list of resource persons; an Iowa congressional map; and additional task lists. (MS)

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