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Curriculum Development; Job Analysis; Job Skills; Office Occupations; Research Projects; Tables (Data); Task Analysis; Task Performance


A shortened version of the final report of a Federally-funded developmental curriculum research project; the publication presents the findings of a workshop (University of Northern Iowa; 1973) for the purpose of identification of job tasks for entry-level office occupations from research-based materials. Studies by Lamb (Mary Lou); Lanham (Frank W.); and Perkins (Edward A.) were used by the workshop participants to identify job tasks for selected entry-level office occupations. Job performance tasks indicated in the research were the basis for the selection of the following job classifications: stenographer; secretary; receptionist; general office clerk; clerk typist; mail clerk; transcribing machine operator; office machine operator; and file clerk. Three sets of tables were prepared. Tables 1-9 list the percent of respondents performing tasks; arranged in descending order; for nine subject matter areas. Tables 9-18 list the percent of respondents performing tasks; arranged in descending order; according to subject matter and the above listed job classifications; tables 19-27 provide additional coverage of subject matter area and job classifications using a matrix format. Since lower percents did not appear significant in curriculum development for office occupations; the percent of respondents performing tasks below 30% was eliminated. (Approximately 120 pages consist of tables.) (Author/EA)


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