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Computer Literacy for Teacher Educators: A Prerequisite for the 21st Century


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Adult Education; Change Strategies; College Faculty; Computer Literacy; Delivery Systems; Faculty Development; Higher Education; Individual Characteristics; Inservice Teacher Education; Learning Processes; Program Development; Teacher Educators


The Faculty Development in Computers Project (FDIC) at the University of Northern Iowa creates an on-going support structure for faculty involved in the process of incorporating computer technology into their personal and professional activities. Specifically; the FDIC facilitates development of broadly defined computer literacy among teacher educators through a differentiated delivery system model and correspondingly monitors faculty development through a change based mode. The FDIC Project is based on a synthesis of conceptualizations of the change process; adult learning; and faculty development. The project model is organized along three dimensions. One dimension represents the individual level of concern about computer technology (awareness raising and information gathering; exploration and preparation; implementation; and collaboration and innovation). The second dimension represents major contexts in which a faculty member may apply computer technology (instructional; creative; management; or personal). The third dimension represents the various levels of organizational structures in which the FDIC interventions can be operationalized (individual; group; department; or college level). Also discussed in this report concerning FDIC are: (1) relationships among dimensions; (2) interventions: intentional and incidental; and (3) project evaluation. (JMK) -- Provided by publisher


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