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SAFE: Making Your Children Safer on Public Playgrounds


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This collection of nine leaflets from the National Program for Playground Safety addresses the active role parents and other adults should take in ensuring playground safety for children. Four leaflets; each focusing on a topic related to a letter in the word "safe;" provide suggestions to ensure playground safety. Leaflet "S;""Supervision Means...;" covers being alert and attentive; being aware of age-appropriate equipment; evaluating hazards; observing signs; knowing safe playground rules; intervening when inappropriate behavior occurs; ensuring safe children's clothing; and being prepared. Leaflet "A;""All Children Should Play on Age-Appropriate Equipment;" covers the following areas: (1) playground equipment that fosters appropriate physical development and is scaled accordingly; (2) playgrounds that help ensure positive emotional; social; and intellectual development; (3) play areas that provide accessibility and play opportunities for all children; and (4) examples of age-appropriate equipment. Leaflet "F;""Falls to Surface Should Be Cushioned;" discusses why cushioned surfacing is needed; appropriate surfaces; where surfaces should be placed; maintenance needs; surfaces to increase accessibility; and how to determine how much loose-fill surfacing is needed. Leaflet "E;""Equipment Should Be Safe;" discusses what a safe playground should look like; types of needed routine maintenance; and other safety measures to check on a regular basis. Three additional leaflets provide a list of resources available from the National Program for Playground Safety; a playground inspection guide for parents; and tips for playground fundraising. Finally; a 4-page brochure discusses 23 steps in planning a play area for children. (EV)


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