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College Outcomes Assessment; English (Second Language); Evaluation Methods; Followup Studies; Higher Education; Language Teachers; Longitudinal Studies; Portfolios (Background Materials); Program Descriptions; Program Evaluation; Second Language Instruction; Teacher Education Programs


Discussion of the evaluation of training programs for teachers of English as a Second Language consists of: (1) characterization of general approaches; (2) review of reasons for interest in program evaluation; and (3) description of a University of Northern Iowa (UNI) evaluation project that uses a portfolio approach extending 3 years beyond program completion. At UNI; assessment of teacher trainees occurs at four points in the trainee's career: at declaration of undergraduate ESL major; at approximately the second semester of the junior year; during the last undergraduate semester; and 1-3 years after graduation. The principal method used is evaluation of a collection of trainee products that individually and collectively portray trainee attainment. Guidance in portfolio construction is provided. Experience with this method of student outcomes assessment suggests these educational and administrative advantages: it uses student knowledge base; skills; values; and attitudes as a focal point for program evaluation; promotes a developmental view of teacher preparation and growth; encourages formative program evaluation; encourages a developmental view of teacher preparation; engages trainees as active agents in curriculum evaluation and development; builds habits of inquiry about student learning; and reveals the interaction between top-down and bottom-up processes of curriculum renewal. (MSE)


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