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Classroom Techniques; Evaluation Methods; Higher Education; Persuasive Discourse; Pilot Projects; Public Speaking; Questionnaires; Research Methodology; Student Evaluation; Teacher Surveys


A study examined how much emphasis instructors of public speaking place on content and delivery when teaching and delivering oral and written critiques. The study sought to determine whether when teaching a hybrid introduction to communication course; or public speaking course; instructors are challenged with teaching their students about issues related to the content of the speech; such as the introduction and conclusion; organization; supporting evidence; and issues related to physical and vocal delivery such as appearance; gestures; eye contact; volume; rate; and vocal variety. This was a pilot study to test the research questions; survey instrument; and methodology used in the study. A survey questionnaire was administered to graduate teaching assistants and faculty members at the University of Iowa (100 questionnaires) and the University of Northern Iowa (40 questionnaires). Results indicated that instructors spend a greater than average amount of time on the topic of organizational patterns and a less than average amount of time on the topics of dress and appearance; facial expressions; gestures; physical movement; and posture when giving oral critiques; with eye contact being the exception. Findings suggest that instructors consistently spend a less than average amount of time on physical and vocal delivery related topics when giving written critiques. (Appended are 13 pages of study results and a sample questionnaire.) (CR)


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