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Agency Cooperation; Clinical Supervision (of Teachers); College School Cooperation; Educational Cooperation; Educational Finance; Elementary Secondary Education; Field Experience Programs; Higher Education; Information Networks; Multicampus Colleges; Partnerships in Education; Preservice Teacher Education; Program Development; Regional Programs; State Programs; Student Teaching; Teacher Education Programs


This paper describes how the University of Northern Iowa constructed formal networks that increased communications with public school practitioners and infused new ideas into the teacher training program. Faculty in the Office of Student Field Experience decided all regional campuses of the university should provide some common experiences for teacher trainees; including not only a common core curriculum; but similar structures for delivery as well. The core curriculum was built on five ingredients: teaching experiences; seminars; journals; conferences; and action research projects. Each regional partnership agreed to arrange pre-student teaching field experiences and a semester of student teaching; as well as hiring clinical supervisors from local schools; establishing regional advisory groups; and establishing a position for a resident professor. Communication among students; faculty; and clinical supervisors at the 12 statewide regional sites improved enormously with the implementation of an E-mail network (supported with telecommunications training for participants); the first of many major expenses that challenged the budget of the project. Suggestions for creative funding of such programs are discussed. Overall; the system of partnerships between local school systems and the state universities was found to produce a better-prepared cadre of teachers and benefit all parties concerned. (PB)


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