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Advancement of Academic Advising in Higher Education Through Interdisciplinary Research

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Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising, Second Edition

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This chapter describes an application of the interdisciplinary research (IDR) model to academic advising, and provides examples of prior interdisciplinary studies in the field. It shows the value of this research approach for solving problems of advising practice. Collaboration in an IDR study may occur through the communication of ideas, data, methods, procedures, and integration of theories and concepts, originating from distinct disciplines. Many scholars deem the work of academic advisors interdisciplinary and call for advising researchers to engage in praxis by merging discovery, integration, application, and teaching. Contemporary studies in academic advising generally draw on theoretical frameworks from education, health sciences, social sciences, and adult development. However, within the last couple of years research studies that apply an IDR approach have also been steadily produced. IDR approaches also allow individuals to contribute to the advancement of equity and inclusion in higher education.


Department of Educational Psychology, Foundations, and Leadership Studies

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