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Interfirm Partnership Resource–Lean Capability Association: Exploring The Moderating Role Of Learning Orientation And Performance Implications

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dynamic capabilities theory, lean, learning orientation, performance, Supply chain resources

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Journal of Strategic Marketing


Applying the dynamic capabilities theory and the relational perspective, we examine key cross-firm supply chain resources as determinants of lean capability, the latter’s impact on operational and financial performance, and additionally, the interactive influence of learning orientation. Analyses of 152 manufacturing firms headquartered in the U.S.A. relate lean capability to operational and financial performance outcomes. Resource complementarity and resource specificity significantly associate with supply chain lean capability. A negative interaction effect of learning orientation context is indicated for the resource complementarity–lean association. However, a universality of interactive impact of learning orientation is suggested for the resource specificity-lean capability relationship. Contributions extend dynamic capability theory to supply chain contexts: key supply chain partnership resources configured into lean capability deliver superior performance, with learning orientation present in a boundary condition role. Managerial implications relate to the importance of supply chains in providing key cross-firm resources that configure into lean capabilities in a learning environment for superior performance outcomes.


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