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Being (Asian) American Children: Children’s Exploration Of Racial/Cultural Identity And Racism

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Asian American children, autoethnography, racial identity, racism, suda (수다)

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Race Ethnicity and Education


This study explores young Asian American children’s emerging ideas of racial identity and experiences of racism through multimodal representations during the COVID-19 Pandemic. To explore children’s identity and understanding of racial experience, we used Suda (수다) with children, which refers to deeply engaged conversations and often involves participants’ emotions. Adopting autoethnography, we used multiple data sources, including documentation of children’s conversations with family relating to their identity and experiences of racism and a collection of children’s artifacts. Findings showed that our children explored their racial identity in various aspects surrounding them, ranging from their body, classroom materials, and passports to their family origins. Suda provided the space for our children to freely explore their racial identities and experiences of Asian racism/Hate Crime.


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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