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Technology Transfer To Subsistence Farmers: Management Process And Behavioral Techniques

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Agroclimate Information for Development Reviving the Green Revolution

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In the case of subsistence agriculture, much technology suitable to increasing productivity in small landholdings already exists. If agricultural technology is going to be transferred to subsistence or capital-intensive farmers, the organizations providing the transfer must get clients to adopt the technology effectively and to reduce costs. Regardless of the behavioral technology used, organization development techniques only function if the transfer agency has adopted a participative management approach and uses extension agents trained in group dynamics and behavioral technology. Interpretive Structural Modeling allows the client to determine the constraints to accepting technology through a group consensus/decision-making process that is facilitated by a properly trained extension agent. The chapter examines what extent is a desire to change the management and operations of change agencies linked to a desire to satisfy the basic human needs of farmers who will receive the technology. The primary means of delivering the transfer message is the extension agent.


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