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The Influence Of The Motivational Climate On Rehabilitation Behaviors And Patient Satisfaction

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mastery climate, performance climate, rehabilitation adherence

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Journal of Sport Rehabilitation





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Context: Athletic trainers influence the motivational climate in rehabilitation, but little is known about the role of the motivational climate on patient outcomes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of the motivational climate in rehabilitation on athletes’ behaviors in rehabilitation (eg, effort and energy) and overall satisfaction with rehabilitation. Design: Cross-sectional, descriptive research. Methods: A total of 78 male and female, NCAA Division II injured athletes receiving rehabilitation services, and 7 certified athletic trainers, and 8 athletic training students providing rehabilitation health care participated. All injured athletes completed an adapted version of the Perceived Motivational Climate in Sport Questionnaire 2 to measure perceptions of the motivational climate in rehabilitation, along with the Overall Satisfaction with Rehabilitation Scale. Athletic trainers and athletic training students completed a training behaviors assessment to rate the athletes’ energy, effort, and persistence in rehabilitation. Results: Injured athletes’ perceptions of the motivational climate predicted rehabilitation behaviors and patient satisfaction. Higher perceptions of having an important role in rehabilitation predicted higher rehabilitation behaviors (F3,74 = 4.45, P < .01), while higher perceptions of unequal recognition during rehabilitation predicted lower desirable behaviors (F3,74 = 4.90, P < .01). Higher perceptions of a mastery climate in rehabilitation predicted greater patient satisfaction (F3,74 = 7.41, P < .001) and lower perceptions of being punished for mistakes predicted greater satisfaction (F3,74 = 5.92, P < .001). Conclusions: Productive athlete behaviors during rehabilitation and greater patient satisfaction with rehabilitation can be expected when athletes perceive a mastery motivational climate during rehabilitation. Athletic trainers can facilitate creating a mastery motivational climate by focusing on individual improvement, putting forth high effort, and evaluating success based on personal improvement.


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