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Localization Effects And Anomalous Hall Conductivity In A Disordered 3D Ferromagnet

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Electrical transport, Electron-electron interactions, Half metals, Magnetically ordered materials, Transition metal alloys and compounds

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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials




We have prepared the ferromagnetic Heusler alloy CoFeV0.5Mn0.5Si in bulk form via arc melting. The longitudinal resistivity exhibits a minimum at 150 K, which is attributable to competition between quantum interference corrections at low temperatures and inelastic scattering at higher temperatures. The magnetoresistance (MR) is positive and nearly linear at low temperatures and becomes negative at temperatures close to room temperature. The positive MR in the quantum correction regime is evidence of the presence of the enhanced electron interaction as a contributor to the longitudinal resistivity. Hall effect measurements indicate a carrier concentration of the order of 1022 cm−3, which is nearly 3 orders of magnitude higher than that found in the “parent” material CoFeMnSi. The higher carrier concentration is consistent with the predicted half metallicity of CoFeV0.5Mn0.5Si. The anomalous Hall conductivity of CoFeV0.5Mn0.5Si is temperature independent for temperatures below the resistivity minimum, which is strong evidence of the absence of quantum interference effects on the anomalous Hall conductivity in a 3D ferromagnet.


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