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Stepping-Up Technology Implementation—How Does It Happen?

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Journal of Special Education Technology


While technology-based interventions enhance instruction and improve outcomes for students with disabilities, implementing and integrating technology in authentic learning environments continues to be a challenge. Based on the experiences of a variety of Stepping-Up Technology Implementation projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, this mixed-methods study explored the essential factors for the successful implementation of technology-based interventions in K-12 schools and early childhood programs. Based on the qualitative analysis of projects’ implementation reports and responses to the follow-up questionnaire, four major themes emerged. The barriers and facilitators to technology implementation were reported across such areas as (a) developing and sustaining buy-in, (b) ensuring implementation fidelity to support the intervention, (c) research-to-practice dilemmas, and (d) data serving multiple purposes. The discussion and practical implications for supporting technology implementation are provided.


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