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Work-Life Balance As A Predictor Of College Student Anxiety And Depression

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Anxiety, college students, depression, stress, work-life balance

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Journal of American College Health


Objective: Few studies have examined how work-life balance may influence college student mental health. The current study addresses this gap in the literature by examining the process by which work-life balance may lead to college student anxiety and depressive symptoms. Participants: A total of 111 students from a private Midwestern college were sampled between October 2017 and November 2017. Method: A cross-sectional survey design was used to assess work-life balance, perceived stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Results: Work-life balance was negatively related to students’ perceived stress, general anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Path analysis results indicate that perceived stress fully mediated the relationship between work-life balance and anxiety, as well as the relationship between work-life balance and depressive symptoms. Conclusions: Work-life balance is an important antecedent of college students’ mental health. Educational institutions should place more importance on assisting students with work-life balance in order to improve their college experience.

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