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Use of solid waste materials as alternative compositions in the development of wood-cement blocks

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Proceedings of the Conference on the Use of Recycled Wood and Paper in Building Applications

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As the world's population increases, the need for affordable housing becomes a paramount issue in construction. This need is further complicated by the rising cost of basic building materials due to the depletion of natural resources throughout the world. The purpose of this study is to determine the performance characteristics of using solid waste materials (i.e., fiberglass, fly ash, and spent foundry sand) as substitute materials in the matrix and reinforcement of wood-cement blocks. To determine the optimum proportion of materials, 44 test categories including control samples were produced, cured for 28 days, and tested as prescribed by the American Society for Testing and Materials standards for performing compression, split tensile, and three-point flexural loading tests. Statistical analysis of the results, reveals that as many as 66 percent of the experimental group mixtures demonstrate significantly greater mechanical properties over that of the control, often doubling strength. One experimental group mixture combining fiberglass and fly ash substitution maintains optimal performance across all mechanical properties tested and will be subjected to further analysis of its mechanical and physical properties.

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