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Interdisciplinary experiential learning application for students in human resource management and students in management information systems

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Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute



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This exercise was developed to meet vastly different learning objectives set forth in two different management classes and to replicate situations and environments similar to what students can expect upon graduation. The first class involved in the exercise is an elective course for Human Resources Management (HRM) majors, 150:130 Methods of Training and Development. The second is also an elective course but for Management Information Systems (MIS) majors, 150:170 Information Center Operations. In essence, the exercise involves requiring student teams in the Methods of Training and Development course to develop a training program on a given software package while requiring students in the Information Center Operations class to provide technical assistance and direction to those students. This innovation provides an example of integration between business courses. Each segment of the following summary and discussion materials will be presented in two parallel tracks - one from the Human Resource Management (HRM) perspective and one from the Management Information Systems (MIS) perspective.

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