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Optimisation Of Cutting Parameters For Cutting Temperature And Tool Wear In Turning Aisi4140 Under Different Cooling Conditions

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AISI4140steel, cutting temperature, Nanographite, tool wear

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Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies


Application of cutting fluid as flood during machining is a usual practice in manufacturing industries. But its drawbacks have led to its replacement with Minimum Quantity lubrication (MQL) where a minute quantity of cutting fluid is applied precisely at the cutting zone providing cooling and lubrication. Use of MQL in machining leads to sustainable manufacturing, as it is safe to employee as well as environment and is also economic. Research is being done on formulation of cutting fluids with enhanced properties which can be used in MQL systems. In the present work, 0.3 wt% nanographite is included in cutting fluid to form nanofluid and is applied in MQL system while machining AIS4140 steel at various cutting conditions. MQL application of nanographite cutting fluid showed better performance compared to MQL application of conventional cutting fluid and dry machining. Significant parameters influencing cutting temperature and tool wear for all cooling conditions are identified. Optimum cutting parameters for minimum cutting temperature and tool wear are determined for all cooling conditions and highest error in prediction of temperatures and tool wear were found to be 12% and 10% respectively.


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