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Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute



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A major new setting for Decision Support Systems (DSS) information, research and development is the World-Wide Web (web). The web is a vast, rapidly changing information resource that may appear disorganized and even chaotic. The DSS Web Tour at URL http://dss.cba.uni.edu/tour creates some order in this information chaos for DSS researchers. The purpose of the tour is to highlight DSS related sites on the web. The web pages and sites referred to in the tour are also organized as part of the DSS Research Resources site at URL http://dss.cba.uni.edu. The tour contains hyperlinks to hundreds of DSS-related web pages. The DSS tour has six major stops: web sites of DSS companies; university and research sites related to DSS; DSS case studies available on the web; DSS on the web; DSS articles at web sites; and other web sites related to DSS.


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