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Development of an analysis software to synthesize gear-cam-disc mechanisms

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper)


This paper introduces the GCAD software which was developed particularly to analyze and simulate planar mechanisms. GCAD uses few basic elements of kinematics to model a broad variety of linkages. The system creates the relationships between the mechanism elements automatically. Then, each element inputs sets of equations representing the element's type into an equation system describing the whole model. The solutions of this equation system may be presented as animated mechanisms, curves in diagrams, or numbers in tables. Combined mechanisms of gears and cam discs are suitable to create a broad range of intermediate motions. Possible structures, there usage, advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Methods of using analysis results for synthesis are explained. The determination of cam disc shapes through definition of motion at the output of mechanism is applied for gear-cam-disc mechanisms. Methods for optimization of the mechanism and evaluation of cam disc shapes are presented.

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