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Design And Implementation Of Solar Electric Boats For Cleaner U.S. Waters

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Solar electric powered boats may promote zero-emission aquatic transportation and recreation not only for Iowa lakes and rivers, but for all US and world waters. For three years the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) solar electric boat project has recruited students both from electrical and information engineering technology (EIET), and manufacturing technology majors. The problem defined by this paper is (1) developing a novel zero-emission boat, the progress and update on current and the last two years of design, and (2) representing UNI in the annual International Solar Boat World Championship. The race also includes competitions for outstanding workmanship, sportsmanship, outstanding technical report, commercially viable hull design, and outstanding solar system design. In June 2004, the UNI solar electric boat team won four trophies; (1) the most commercially viable hull design, (2) the fastest boat in qualifications, (3) the most improved team from the previous year, and (4) the ninth overall place in world championship. Senior students involved in this project have shown excellent progress by developing their technical and teamwork/social skills as part of the Senior Design I and II courses and successfully completing course requirements.


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