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Multi-Attribute Decision Making E-Course

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Proceedings of the International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, ICCGI'06

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The "Education and Training 2010" European Work Program [1] has a strong support in Romania. The leaders of the National Excellency Research Program encourage the eLearning domain and so a complex project named "Excellency Level Tools for Multi-Attribute Decision Making Field's Promotion" has been granted. Pertaining to this project, an electronic course on this subject for enhanced learning in making optimal decisions opens a new era in the instrumentation of the lifelong learning process. The electronic course will contain the entire know-how achieved along the years by the team members involved in the Decision Sciences' research and applications projects. It will constitute the expression of the also fundamental but mostly applicative research in this area. It is not designed for the international scientific community, but for individuals having a moderate or strong economical, technical and mathematical background, including well prepared students who want to rapidly assimilate this knowledge area. © 2006 IEEE.


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