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Design And Implementation Of An Educational Axial Flux Wind Turbine/Generator

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Wind turbines capture low and high speed winds throughout the world. This paper presents design and implementation of an educational, small-scale, axial flux wind turbine-generator. An axial wind turbine is easy to build, fun to learn and cost effective system designed using in almost any windy location in the world. Two students at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) enrolled in a Bachelors of Science in the Electrical and Information Engineering Technology (EIET) major, have spent many hours researching various wind turbines. The subject matter presented in this paper are (1) design and build a cost effective 0.5 kW wind turbine capable of producing 12-48 V direct current (DC), (2) build two wind turbines with different configurations, (3) build a traveling display that can be taken to remote locations and educate anyone with questions, and (4) experiment with variable loads and blade designs. Senior students involved in this project have shown excellent progress by developing their technical and teamwork/social skills as part of the Senior Design I and II core courses and have been successfully completing their course requirements. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2006.


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