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Development Of A Web-Based Intelligent Spatial Decision Support System (WEBISDSS): A Case Study With Snow Removal Operations

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Emerging Spatial Information Systems and Applications

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A SDSS combines database storage technologies, geographic information systems (GIS), and decision modeling into tools which can be used to address a wide variety of decision support areas (Eklund, Kirkby, & Pollitt, 1996). Recently, various emerging technologies in computer hardware and software such as speedy microprocessors, gigabit network connections, fast Internet mapping servers along with Web-based technologies like extensible Markup Language (XML), Web services, and so forth, provide promising opportunities to take the traditional spatial decision support systems one step further to provide easy-to-use, round-the-clock access to spatial data and decision support over the Web. Traditional DSS and Web-based spatial DSS can be further improved by integrating expert knowledge and utilizing intelligent software components (such as expert systems and intelligent agents) to emulate the human intelligence and decision-making. These kinds of decision support systems are classified as intelligent decision support systems. The objective of this chapter is to discuss the development of an intelligent Web-based spatial decision support system and demonstrate it with a case study for planning snow removal operations. © 2007, Ide

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