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GIS-Based Site Suitability Decision Support System For Planning Confined Animal Feeding Operations In Iowa

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Emerging Spatial Information Systems and Applications

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Confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are becoming increasingly common on the Iowa landscape. They produce large amounts of byproducts that can cause a threat to the surrounding environment of the areas of production. Thus, there is a need for careful planning, particularly the selection of suitable locations for future CAFO development. In addition to Iowa state regulations, selection of locations for CAFOs require multiple parameters like, locations of manmade structures that include roads, residences, businesses, wells, and so forth, and location of natural features such as rivers and lakes. Currently, locations for CAFOs are chosen manually using paper hard copies with producer's preference and are restricted by state of Iowa guidelines. There is no decision support system available to aid in selecting an appropriate location for the development of future CAFO structures. The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate how a decision support tool was developed to aid CAFO managers and producers in selecting appropriate locations for animal confinements using geographic information system (GIS) technology and CAFO regulations in Iowa. © 2007, Idea Group Inc.


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