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A Review Of The Ceratophyllid Subfamily Dactylopsyllinae. Part 2. Dactylopsylla Jordan, 1929, And Foxella Wagner, 1929 (Siphonaptera: Ceratophyllidae)

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Dactylopsylla, Distribution, Foxella, Host preference, Pocket gopher, Siphonaptera

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Annals of Carnegie Museum





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There are three genera of fleas that are specific ectoparasites of the North American pocket gophers (Rodentia: Geomyidae): Spicata I. Fox, 1940, Dactylopsylla Jordan, 1929, and Foxella Wagner, 1929. All belong to the subfamily Dactylopsyllinae (Ceratophyllidae) and are restricted to the Nearctic Region of North and Central America. Seven species of Dactylopsylla Jordan, 1929, and the 14 named taxa of Foxella Wagner, 1929 are reviewed here with respect to their taxonomic affinities, distribution and host preferences. Dactylopsylla bluei psilos Prince and Stark, 1951, is a new synonym of Dactylopsylla bluei (C. Fox, 1909). Foxella (Afoxella) macgregori Barrera, 1953, is synonymized with Foxella (Afoxella) Mexicana I. Fox, 1939. The remaining taxa are each briefly discussed with respect to their type data, nomenclatural history and non-genitalic characters. The following 11 names are new synonyms of Foxella (Foxella) ignota (Baker, 1895) and are not accorded subspecies status as done by previous authors: Ceratophyllus franciscanus Rothschild, 1910; Ceratophyllus apachinus C. Fox, 1914; Foxella ignotus acutus Stewart, 1940; Ceratophyllus ignotus albertensis Jordan and Rothschild, 1915; Ceratophyllus ignotus recula Jordan and Rothschild, 1915; Foxella ignotus [sic] utahensis Wagner, 1936; Foxella ignota coufferi Augustson, 1942; Foxella ignota omissa Prince, 1945; Foxella utahensis arizonensis Hubbard, 1947; Foxella ignota clantoni Hubbard, 1949; and Foxella ignota chapmani Hubbard, 1958. Keys to the genera, subgenera and species are presented and the entire assemblage is reviewed with respect to the distribution of the various taxa and their host preferences. The genus-group name Foxelloides Hubbard, 1943b, is noted as a synonym of Spicata I. Fox.


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