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Nonlinear magnetization behavior near the spin-glass transition in the layered III-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor Ga1-x Mnx S

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Journal of Applied Physics






Magnetic properties of single crystalline Ga1-x Mnx S (x=0.09) have been measured near the spin-glass transition. No other III-VI DMS is currently known to exhibit a spin-glass transition for comparison with Ga1-x Mnx S. Ga1-x Mnx S (Tc =11.2 K) shows unexpected similarity to II-VI DMS Zn1-x Mnx Te (Tc =20.8 K). For both systems, the quantity nl =- Mnl H (where Mnl = Mtotal - Mlinear) diverges as the temperature approaches the spin-glass transition temperature Tc from above. It also increases with applied field at temperatures just above Tc for both systems. The spin-glass transitions in both Ga1-x Mnx S and Zn1-x Mnx Te follow the same universal scaling function with the same critical exponent values (γ=4.0±1.0 and Β=0.8±0.2). The temperature of Ga1-x Mnx S 's low-field spin-glass transition cusp was found to occur at 10.9 K. As expected, this is slightly lower than the true spin-glass transition temperature Tc =11.2±0.2 K obtained from the scaling analysis. The asymptotic, zero-field limit of the spin-glass transition cusp was found to persist at 10.9 K up to ∼1 T before being suppressed to lower temperatures with increasing field. Questions remain about if Ga1-x Mnx S should belong in the same universality class as Zn1-x Mnx Te since Ga1-x Mnx S is quasi-two-dimensional and Zn1-x Mnx Te is three-dimensional. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.

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