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System Level Transmit Power Analysis In Cellular Systems

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IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference

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Analytical expressions that allow one to analyze the total transmitted power in various cellular systems are important design tools in network optimization. This paper develops a new method of finding the total transmitted power by mobile stations (MSs) in systems with different power profiles and very general propagation conditions. Specifically, a closed-form expression is derived, based on the assumption that MSs are distributed within the cell according to a two-dimensional (2-D) Poisson point process and the observation that user distances to the base station (BS) form a gamma distribution. By using this model, the total power is derived by finding the fractional moment of the gamma distribution. A simulation model developed verifies the correctness of the theoretical derivations, with the users distributed randomly in a plane. Various propagation constants are considered. Close agreement is found between the calculated and simulated transmitted powers. © 2007 IEEE.


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