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A Report On Tribological Properties Of Selected Vegetable Oil Based Lubricants

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Technische Akademie Esslingen International Tribology Colloquium Proceedings




The University of Northern Iowa's National Ag-Based Lubricants Center (UNI-NABL) was established in 1991. Researchers at the Center have specialized in the R&D of vegetable-based lubricants and have become a nationally recognized technical service organization in the US. UNI-NABL has successfully marketed and licensed > 35 industrial lubricants products, mostly from soybean oils. Vegetable oils exhibit higher lubricity, better adherence to metals, higher flash and fire points, and higher viscosity index. These biolubricants are competitive in performance and are achieving price parity as compared to their petroleum counterparts. A discussion covers the friction and wear properties of crude commodity soybean oil, genetically modified high oleic soybean oil, and a mineral oil of similar viscosity; friction and wear relationship; properties of hydraulic oils and selected metalworking fluids; and testing criteria. This is an abstract of a paper presented at the 16th International Colloquium Tribology Lubricants Materials and Lubrication Engineering (Stuttgart/Ostfildern, Germany 1/15-17/2008).


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