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Moments Of Residual Life And Some Characterization Results

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Failure rate, Induced distribution, Mean residual life function, Residual coefficient variation, Variance residual life function

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New Developments in Applied Statistics Research

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In life testing situations, the additional life time given that a component has survived up to time t is called the residual life function ( RLF) of the component. More specifically, if X is the life of a component , then the random variable Xt = X-t|X > t is called the residual life function. In this paper the moments of Xt are studied and it is investigated if the first, second or general moment of Xt characterizes the distribution. It is shown that , in addition to the mean residual life, the second residual moment also characterizes the distribution. Also, the variance residual life function and, in the case of equal means, the residual coefficient of variation determine the distribution. © 2008 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.


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