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Young Minds Meet For Sustainable Future

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The Sustainability is the intent to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments both now and indefinite future. The Sustainability relates to the continuity of economic, social, institutional and environmental aspects of human society, as well as the non-human environment. The Cosmos Foundation, a non-profit educational organization with 19 campuses and more than 7000 students all over the Texas took an initiative tour toward global awareness. The Cosmos foundation organizes an annual transformative International Science Fair Olympiad called I-SWEEEP (International Sustainable World Energy Engineering & Environment Project Olympiad) since 2008. The Cosmos Foundation brings the best and brightest students from all over the world to Houston, Texas to demonstrate their selected research findings. This paper describes how this Olympiad engages young minds in a search for solutions to the environmental and energy related challenges of today in hopes of achieving a sustainable world for tomorrow. The I-SWEEEP stimulates students' interest in practical solutions and cultivates the future of the energy frontier through unique projects. The mission of I-SWEEEP is to create a collaborative yet competitive environment in which students can present their innovative ideas/projects to solve today's challenges in energy, engineering, and environment, which will ensure a sustainable world for tomorrow. All the judges for the project evaluations are selected from academia and industrial professionals. The judging process gives a good opportunity to engineering professionals and academicians to review and evaluate what prospective engineers have developed for a sustainable future. The I-SWEEEP promotes engineering inventions and energy efficiency/management discoveries, which nurture ecofriendly technology concepts in K-12 STEM education. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2010.


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