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Promoting STEM to young students by renewable energy applications

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Engineering, Renewable Energy, Science, Student, Teacher, Technology

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Proceedings - International Symposium: Modern Electric Power Systems, MEPS'10


The Math-Science-Engineering Technology in Iowa on Applied Renewable Energy Areas (MSETI AREA) project aimed to provide area middle school teachers with an applied mathematics and science curriculum package based on PhotoVoltaic (PV), wind power, and hydrogen fuel-cell fundamentals. The MSETI AREA project has established a partnership between the university and selected area middle schools for the improvement of students' mathematical and scientific skill sets, improve their technological literacy by creating an environment where they must understand and figure out relationships among basic mathematics, science and engineering technology applied to renewable energy fields in order to mentor and manage effectively, and to give them a professional skill-set for successfully applying mathematics and science to technical projects with diverse teams throughout their careers. The use of a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency based hands-on projects such as nationwide solar electric project promote mathematics and science for middle school teachers and students. The objectives of this paper are listed as follows; to show how an eco-friendly applied research project is adapted for the undergraduate teaching and research curriculum, to gain community and state support for funding, and to illustrate how student design projects can serve as an excellent marketing tool to promote science and engineering technology among high school students. © 2011 Institute of Electrical Power.

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