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Learning design basics in foundations education utilizing digital media

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Digital media, Foundations art and design education, Graphic design, Two-dimensional concept

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Design Principles and Practices





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In foundations curriculum, design basics instruction develops important principles for both arts and design education. With the awareness of digital media and the proliferation of visual communication in today's culture, more students are involved with graphic design education. Sculpting threedimensional form, drawing and painting are a few of the traditional methods used in a basic foundations program. With the extensive usage of digital media, it is important to provide new methodologies to parallel the foundations curriculum that adapt to our digital culture. Learning basic elements, design principles, element of color, and Gestalt Theory allows students to shift their organizational process to actively engage a digital technology that attracts the digital generation. The evolution of digital media technology increasingly enables us to improve our methods of visual organization expanding from two-dimensional space to four-dimensions while improving visual communication by developing interdisciplinary methods. As we acknowledge our pursuit of this new technology, that enhances our visual thinking, we become more aware of the strengths of the old traditions in exploring our concepts for the digital technology. This presentation provides an overview of a Two-Dimensional Concept course for graphic design students in which students learn to make metaphors of visual communication through combining traditional methodology and digital media. Throughout the course, traditional methods of visual solutions are used to develop concepts for the digital technology. Students can strengthen self-expression using traditional methods of two-dimensional space by utilizing digital technology to further their awareness and understanding of the process of conceptualizing in four-dimensional space. © Common Ground, Soo C. Hostetler, All Rights Reserved.


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