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School And Community-Based Physical Education And Healthy Active Living Programs: Holistic Practices In Hong Kong, Singapore, And The United States

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Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity

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Significant changes in physical education have taken place since the early 1970s with a transition from a traditional sports skill-orientation to a broader emphasis on health-related fitness and lifelong physical activity. In the 1970s, as interest in aerobic fitness, strength, leanness, and flexibility began to grow, the focus in physical education shifted toward achieving good general health. It is believed that the processes that lead to chronic degenerative diseases of adulthood are often set in motion during childhood and adolescence. Therefore, it is reasonable to pursue health-related fitness at an early age. The global epidemic of overweight and obesity is evident in many parts of the world, and the worldwide prevalence of obesity in childhood is also increasing. This chapter presents an integrative approach to addressing current trends and directions of the physical education profession, related to the growing burden of childhood overweight and obesity with physical activity, diet, and physical education in schools from the Asia-Pacific perspective. Three model physical education programs, two in Asia and one in North America, are highlighted to illustrate innovative, integrative, and holistic approaches in promoting lifelong healthy active living and wellness through physical education. © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


School of Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services

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