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An Undergraduate Summer Research Experience On Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies And Harmonics

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ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings


A few qualified undergraduate students at the University of Northern Iowa are given summer research awards that include a competitive stipend and funding for research expenses. The competition is based on an applied research proposal and it requires active collaboration with a summer research faculty from May 15 through July 31 that takes 10-weeks of work. The faculty member is also responsible to monitor student's research progress. The summer research program ends with a project display and presentation day on the last working day of July. A number of BS degree students in the Electrical Engineering Technology program have shown great interest in the summer applied research program. This paper reports an applied engineering technology research project that investigates impacts of artificial lighting induced harmonics on electrical distribution systems. The authors designed and built a unique test bed to investigate harmonic spectrum of the electrical signals when variety of lighting loads are connected in a single phase electrical system. From incandescent light bulbs to a variety of CFLs and state-of-the-art LED light bulbs, A number of commercially available different lighting loads are investigated. The results are very interesting based on the different bulbs available in the market. © 2012 American Society for Engineering Education.


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