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Inter-Symbol interference cancelation in monobit transmitted-reference impulse radio UWB receivers

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impulse radio, Inter-symbol interference cancelation, monobit ADC, transmitted reference, ultra-wideband

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IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC

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In this paper, a novel combining weight estimation algorithm including a capability for inter-symbol interference (ISI) cancelation is proposed for monobit impulse radio (IR) ultra wideband (UWB) receivers. By applying the proposed algorithm to a monobit weighted transmitted-reference IR-UWB receiver as a case study, we have demonstrated through computer simulations that the algorithm can effectively mitigate the destructive effects of ISI and achieve considerable performance improvement over the algorithm without ISI cancellation capability. Furthermore, because most calculations required by the proposed algorithm can be performed offline and the obtained results can be saved into lookup tables for online operations, the system complexity to implement the algorithm is low. Therefore, this ISI-included combining weight estimation algorithm enables the employment of monobit IR-UWB receivers for high data rate applications under non-line-of-sight channels, and can be considered as a promising technology for IR-UWB applications demanding for low system complexity, low power consumption, and high data rates. © 2013 IEEE.

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