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NSF S-Stem Scholarship Grant For Engineering And Applied Technology Majors To Increase Enrollment And Retention

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Bridgemont Community and Technical College (BCTC) in Montgomery, West Virginia, was awarded a NSF S-STEM (NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant 600,000 (over five-year period) to establish the Bridgemont STEM Scholars program to increase: the annual, full-time enrollment of engineering technology and applied technology majors, the retention of and degree completion rates of participating STEM majors, and the number of graduated Bridgemont STEM Scholars who become employed in their field or continue their education. This paper shares the insights gained about retention and enrollment in engineering technology programs using student demographics, baseline data, and a survey conducted learn about impact of financial and academic barriers on student enrollment and retention during the grant-writing process. Demographics and baseline data shows that the communities served are disadvantaged, come from low-income families in West Virginia, require financial assistance, and require developmental courses upon enrollment. The survey conducted shows that 84% of students receive financial aid, 55% stated that a lack of funding delayed progress toward a college education, and 88% expressed concern over having sufficient funds for college. Further, 63% of students indicated that they work an average of 27 hours per week to supplement their income for college. Demographic, baseline, and survey data aided in writing a NSF S-STEM grant to sponsor the creation of the Bridgemont STEM Scholars program to address issues of retention and enrollment in BCTC's engineering technology and applied technology programs. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2014.


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