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Lessons From Farming For It

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Proceedings ACM SIGUCCS User Services Conference

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Your average "person on the street" would probably put IT and farming at opposite ends of most spectrums. People tend to associate "IT" with bright screens in dark rooms with a lot of glass and steel, while "farming" generates images of sunshine, green fields with an obligatory cow, and country folk in overalls and gingham. In reality, those differences are what make life interesting for those of us who choose to live in both worlds. As IT solutions "go green", and farm equipment becomes guided by satellites, there are lessons to be learned and applied from each field (no pun intended) that can help the other. This paper and presentation will include discussion by farmers in higher education IT from New York to North Carolina to Iowa (whose hardware needs go from motherboards and mice to hay bailers and hotwire) and will focus on how lessons from farming really can improve IT at your institution.


Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

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