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Download B3: Why Study Literature (Van Dahm) (371 KB)

Download B4: What is a Story? (Johnson) (192 KB)

Download B5: Critical Thinking in College Writing (Shehorn) (135 KB)

Download B5.1: Building Our Lives (Shehorn) (173 KB)

Download B6: Active and Mindful Engagement with Literature (Malouf) (224 KB)

Download B7: The Story of an Hour (Chopin) (77 KB)

Download B8: The Writing Process (Sexton & Soles) (270 KB)

Download C9: How to Analyze a Short Story (Shehorn) (84 KB)

Download C10: Plot (Rodak & Storey) (1.5 MB)

Download C11: Characterization (Rodak & Storey) (1.6 MB)

Download C12: The Yellow Wallpaper (Gilman) (128 KB)

Download C13: Setting (Rodak & Storey) (1.1 MB)

Download C14: Narration (Rodak & Storey) (3.0 MB)

Download C15: Language (Rodak & Storey) (764 KB)

Download C16: Theme (Rodak & Storey) (1.2 MB)

Download C17: Sweat (Hurston) (107 KB)

Download C18: Writing about Literature (Shehorn) (388 KB)

Download D19: Analyzing Poetry (Stephenson) (178 KB)

Download D20: The Youngest Daughter (Song) (44 KB)

Download D21: Ode on a Grecian Urn (Keats) (61 KB)

Download D22: Poetry (Sexton & Soles) (96 KB)

Download D23: November Night (Crapsey) (42 KB)

Download D24: Crocuses (Fainlight) (46 KB)

Download D25: London's Summer Morning (Robinson) (45 KB)

Download D26: The Pleasure of Poetic Pattern (Silverstein) (48 KB)

Download D27: Jabberwocky (Carroll) (53 KB)

Download D28: We Real Cool (Brooks) (45 KB)

Download D29: Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening (Frost) (45 KB)

Download E30: How to Read Like a Writer (Shehorn) (160 KB)

Download E31: Literary Criticism (Shehorn) (85 KB)

Download E32: Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism (Shehorn) (96 KB)

Download F33: How to Read Drama (Maenhardt) (362 KB)

Download F34: Trifles (Glaspell) (135 KB)

Download G35: Glossary of Literary Terms (Shehorn) (149 KB)


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This free custom textbook includes openly-licensed and public domain works for the University of Northern Iowa course ENGLISH 2120: Critical Writing about Literature. It introduces readers to the knowledge and skills necessary to critically read, interpret, and analyze literature. The editor--Dr. Erika L. Bass--chose these readings to orient readers to important concepts and literature genres, as well as develop writing skills. While these chapters were chosen from other OER textbooks, I took care in selecting the chapters that are relevant to course objectives and will help students transfer skills from one class to the next, regardless of major. -- Provided by the publisher

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Critical Writing About Literature



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