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This exhibit focuses on undergraduate research at the University of Northern Iowa. Undergraduate research at UNI is tied directly to the university's strategic goals, which emphasizes "student success." Some of the most downloaded works in the repository are student works. Qualitative global feedback demonstrating the reach and impact of student work at UNI is received through a feedback form.

Several examples of the global feedback received are listed below:

  • A Columbian graduate student in a masters in Science de l'Education program at a University located in France, says "I'm a special education teacher and I'm interested to contribute to the improvement of inclusive education in my country. I've found this research on the internet and I found very interesting the definitions made by the author according to different perspectives. It helped me to clarify some ideas. Thank you for the open access."

  • A graduate student states, “I'm from Berlin, Germany and I'm writing my master thesis in the field of Marketing. Having access to this publication helped me gain valuable insights regarding the topic of my thesis - Decision criteria for finding a medical specialist - is webpresence relevant?”

  • A student at a school in Pennsylvania says, “I go to school in PA, but access to a particular [honors program] thesis about radically inclusive math classrooms led to very thoughtful and proactive discussion in my undergrad education class. I clicked the link because I saw it was a PDF and I knew I would have immediate access. So thanks